Sony Core

Sony just announced what they say is their tiniest yet. Simply named the Core, you’ll be forgiven if you think that this is just another of those FitBit-like devices. Actually, this does a lot more. At the core (ahem) of this device is its seamless integration to Sony’s Lifelog app. Aside from tracking your sleep and exercise, the Core will keep track of your entertainment, social activities, other movement and achievements, too. This information will be used by the Lifelog app to, in Sony’s own words “help inspire you”. By sorting through the information the app will be able to help inspire you with ideas and recommendations of what to do in the future, based on what you have already done. In a way, this is like a couple of steps ahead of Google Now.

With its diminutive form factor, the Core can be worn via different accessories. Upon its release, it will come with a companion writsband. And true to Sony’s design-centric philosophy, the wristband will come in a myriad of colors and design. In the future, Sony promises more accessories where the device can be attached to, perhaps necklaces and such.

Slated to be available Q1 this year, there’s no word on pricing, though we may hear more in next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You can hit up the source for more information.

[Source: Android Central]

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