How’s the tablet market in 2023 — the year when face-to-face classes and work have become a norm? Market research firm IDC has the answer.

As per IDC, the tablet market in the Philippines dropped for the first quarter of 2023. IDC expects that the annual tablet shipments will revert to pre-pandemic figures beginning 2023 as the commercial segments have slowed down due to the acquisition among Department of Education divisions and local government units (LGUs) tapering off.


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Figures show that the local tablet market declined by 26.6% year-over-year or compared to the same period last year and 46.7% quarter-over-quarter or compared to Q4 of 2022.


As per Angela Medez, senior market analyst at IDC Philippines, it’s been two years since the quarterly tablet shipments in the country dropped below 200,000 units, a pattern also seen in the smartphone market, which suffered a 3-year low during the same quarter.

Still on the top of the list is Samsung taking 19.6% of the market, with Lenovo behind it at 18.1%. Huawei is still strong at number three with 15.3%, local tech brand Cherry Mobile at 11.6%, and realme taking the fifth spot at 9.5%.

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