Don’t feel like registering to a Talk ‘N Text subscription again and again? With the TNT Extend promo, you can extend your current package for up to a year.

The network’s latest endorsers, the AlDub love couple, show what it’s like to be interrupted because of an expired subscription. Like these TV personas, many love duos nationwide are enjoying unlimited text messaging and calling.

So, if you want a problem-free experience with your calls and text messages, take advantage of TNT Extend.

How to extend your Talk ‘N Text promo using TNT Extend

It’s simple really. While you’re registered to a select TNT promo, simply send EXTEND to 4545 and wait for the confirmation text.


Doing so adds one more day of validity for your current package or subscription. If you need more, just text the code up to 365 times to stretch the duration for up to a year. Imagine the savings: a Php5 expense for extension instead of a more expensive daily registration cost. TNT is the only network that lets you extend up to 365 times; other networks only offer up to 32 times.

Among the eligible promos that can be used with TNT Extend are variations of UnliTxt Plus, Gaan UnliTxt and UnliTalk. If you are registered to multiple subscriptions, the last one to be registered will be subject to TNT Extend. Check the table below for a complete list of eligible promos:

Applicable promos for TNT Extend

You can learn more about the TNT Extend promo by visiting


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