Some people are willing to go to great lengths to claim a world title. Meet Tim Cannon, the first human to become a do-it-yourself cyborg.

Calling himself a biohacker, Tim Cannon and his team at Grindhouse Wetware developed a computer known as the Circadia 1.0 that can collect biometrics. Unlike medical devices commonly used for the human body, Circadia 1.0 is big—so big that it clearly protrudes under the skin. Getting it in there wasn’t exactly done the conventional way. The operation had no licensed professional involved and must had been excruciatingly painful because of the lack of anesthesia.

Now that he’s apparently part-human and part-robot, what can Tim Cannon do? Nothing groundbreaking, really. The Circadia 1.0 onboard comes with body temperature probes that can be used for anticipating fevers. The data is transmitted through Bluetooth to a receiving Android device. To relay status messages to Cannon, LEDs strong enough to shine through the skin are also integrated with Circadia 1.0. If ever the device runs out of power, it can be recharged wirelessly.

So, this bizarre biochip implant begs the question. Is this an innovation or plain stupidity? The answer is so obvious.

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