If everything goes well, the online community will soon be able to place video calls, chat, and share files through a peer-to-peer connection without having to download a browser plugin. Making this happen is a project known as WebRTC.

Still under development, WebRTC isn’t widely available and used by all browsers yet. Some early web applications, however, are making good use of the technology and let users share their screen or create video call sessions. When it becomes popular, people will no longer have to rely on Flash, Skype, or TeamViewer for real-time communication.

To give it a shot, sites such as same.io, appear.in, talky.io offer WebRTC-based services without registration or any costs. They will simply require opening their website through Firefox or Chrome, giving the browser access to the camera, and sharing the unique URL of their session. As this is an experimental feature, Chrome will also require enabling the “Enable screen capture support in getUserMedia()” option in chrome://flags/.

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