Uganda orders all social media platforms banned ahead of elections


Last Tuesday, Uganda’s communications regulator released a letter ordering internet service providers to block all social media and messaging apps until further notice.

Users had started complaining last Tuesday, January 12, that they can’t access Facebook and WhatsApp. These are platforms that are being widely used for campaigning for the presidential elections happening on Thursday.

Commission spokesman Ibrahim Bbossa, government spokesman Ofwono Opondo, and Minister of Information aide Judith Nabakooba were asked to comment but didn’t provide one.

A source from the Uganda telecom industry revealed that the government explained to telecom companies and executives that the social media ban is a way to get revenge for Facebook banning and blocking pro-government pages and accounts.

Last Monday, the social media giant said they had removed a network in Uganda linked to its ministry of information that uses fake and duplicate accounts that are spreading posts for the upcoming election.

Source: Reuters


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