AI smart dog collar can analyze barks and help owners tell pet’s emotions


Fur parents, here’s a technology you’ve wanted for years. A startup from South Korea (no, not the one with Bae Suzy), has developed an AI smart dog collar that will help translate what your dog is barking about.

Created by Petpuls Lab, the Petpuls AI dog collar uses artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology to tell if your dog is happy, angry, anxious, relaxed, or sad when they bark.


As per Petpuls lab, it gives dogs a voice that humans can understand.

The collar can also track your dog’s activity and rest. It’s like a fitness tracker your smartwatch offers. All data collected from the collar, and their mood behind the barks, are shown on an Android or iOS companion app.


It is said that the company has started collecting different types of barks and analyzed dog emotions since 2017. After three years, they have developed a proprietary algorithm using a database from over 50 different dog breeds and 10,000 samples.

According to Seoul National University, the AI voice recognition dog collar has a 90% average accuracy of detecting dog emotions.


As per the Petpuls website, the collar is IP65 water-resistant, but don’t let your dog go swimming with it. It pairs to your device via WiFi with a 5-meter range. The battery then lasts for 8-10 hours, so nightly recharging is recommended.

Innovation in the pet care market is no surprise since the industry was worth EUR138 billion (around Php8 trillion) last 2020. That’s 34% from the previous year. The global dog population was also up by 18% with 489 million.

With the Petpuls collar, the company hopes it will prevent people from abandoning their dogs due to miscommunication.

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