Vivo is being really serious with their research and development recently. The company is one of the first OEMs to bring the in-display fingerprint scanner in the smartphone industry. And now, they claim that they came up with a new 3D facial recognition technology that’s way better than the competition.

Dubbed as the Vivo Time of Flight (TOF) facial recognition, this new technology is said to be 10 times better than the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera which is used for its Face ID feature.

The Vivo TOF can determine the duration of the projected light bouncing back from the subject to the sensor, which enables it to accurately map the surface by up to three meters. Not only that it’s beneficial to its face unlock feature, but it can also help the device to enable its motion tracking, 3D photography, and AR features.

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Vivo claims that the Time of Flight has 300,000 sensor points — 10 times more than the iPhone X’s 30,000 “invisible dots”. This allows its face scanning technology to be more flexible and be available to other uses than just unlocking.

The Vivo Time of Flight technology might be one of their most ambitious projects yet. However, the Chinese tech company claims that it already went through tons of testings and have met different industry standards. This means that we can expect it to arrive in a commercial product really soon.

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