Xiaomi to release “back tap” gestures in MIUI 12


A dataminer and XDA member kacskrz has come across references that point to Xiaomi surprise with the upcoming MIUI 12, which refers to a “Back Tap” feature similar to the one in iOS 14 and Google’s Columbus.

The information was dug from a beta build of MIUI 12 which, through emulation, shows a certain “Custom Gestures” appearing in the setting and highlights “Back Tap” as an option. 

Within the “Back Tap” option are two selections that indicate the number of back tapping required to run a specific function or app in the device—double and triple back tap, respectively.


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Further exploration shows that the selection is not that many at its current state, limiting the options to only the following:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Turn on torch
  • Control center
  • Notification shade
  • Launch camera

Using a Redmi Note 7, the dataminer, however, failed to activate the discovered feature to demonstrate its full functionality.

Source: XDA Developers

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