Xiaomi, one of the biggest names in the tech industry, and Ikea, an international furniture store and manufacturer, have teamed up to offer smart lighting products.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) products are one of Xiaomi’s focus in the last few years. Xiaomi has tons of household products like smart lamps, robot vacuum, smart kettle, smart lights, and more — all of which are interconnected using Xiaomi’s IoT platform.

In fact, Xiaomi claims there are already 132 million smart devices connected in their IoT platform, and that doesn’t even include their best-selling smartphone line-up and laptop machines. The Chinese company even has their own Xiao AI voice assistant, which allows users to control these products easily.


Being an expert at IoT, Ikea is partnering up with Xiaomi, which will allow their slew of smart lighting products to work and be available through Xiaomi’s IoT platform. Although the service will be initially only available in China.

This means that users can now control their Ikea lights using the Xiao AI voice assistant or through the Mi Home app. Ikea’s smart lighting solutions can now also work in harmony with Xiaomi’s other smart home products.

With Xiaomi gaining a lot of popularity in the Philippines, and the imminent opening of an Ikea store here in the country, Filipinos will also benefit from this partnership soon.

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