Xiaomi created a 4WD RC version of the Suzuki Jimny


Xiaomi is known for creating pretty much any kind of product under the sun. Now, the Xiaomi Car has just been released — and no, the tech giant didn’t create a rideable automobile. Well, not now at least.

The Xiaomi Car is basically a remote control toy. However, it’s not your ordinary toy. It’s a replica of the popular Suzuki Jimny SUV.


Other than the replicated design, the Xiaomi Car also mimics the toughness of the real Jimny. It has a ladder frame chassis, which was created using shockproof nylon material. It even has coil springs and shock absorbers.

It comes in Kinetic Yellow, which is the signature color of the new Suzuki Jimny. Xiaomi also nailed the details, from the roof design, hood, wipers, and even the wheels.

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But unlike your traditional RC car, it doesn’t come with a controller. Instead, you’d be controlling it via a smartphone app, which connects to the car via Bluetooth 4.1. With the app, you can control the Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny RC’s virtual rocker and gravity sensor mode. The car even has a four-wheel drive if you want to climb terrains.

The Xiaomi Car RC comes with a 500mAh battery, which promises 30 minutes of use, and takes an hour to fully charge. Oh, and if you’re looking for the Xiaomi logo, it’s in the spare tire on the back.


The Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny RC car is now available in China for USD59.99 (~Php3,000). Its release details in the Philippines is yet to be announced. In the meantime, you can check out Xiaomi’s other cool toys and gizmos that are already in the country.

Photo by Amaztech


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