Finding a growing market in the Philippines, Yield Guild Games (YGG) added content creation and streaming to its educational program, Web3 Metaversity.

Dubbed “Being a Content Creator in Web3,” the course will be taught by Een Mercado, who, herself, is an experienced content creator and streamer.

Web3 Metaversity will be seeing a new platform as its new home as it migrates in the coming months.

Speaking on the importance of content creation, YGG Content Lead Mercado claims that the act of content creation has become “more relevant” nowadays. That is, citing how it helps people consume media that teach them new things, interact with similarly-minded individuals, and grow as a member of the Web3 community.

Breaking the stigma on content creation as not a profession, Mercado, a living testament, says that the idea is now “out of the window.”

As an educator, Een Mercado will share her knowledge around topics involving personal branding, streaming equipment essentials, and recommended computer programs, among others. Additionally, she will also be imparting awareness around monetization opportunities and finding proper content for certain topics.

To address Web3 Metaversity student queries, Mercado will become part of the YGG Scholarship and Community Managers and guest speakers, which includes YGG Pilipinas Head Luis Buenaventura, in a conference that will also openly talk about the latest industry trends.

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