YouTube testing audio ads on videos playing in the background


Yup, YouTube is experimenting with new ways to annoy its customers with ads. This time, the company announced that they would be experimenting with adding audio advertisements for users playing videos in the background.

YouTube videos played in the background are done by users who listen to music or podcasts on the platform. Mellisa Hsieh Nikolik, Group Product Manager for YouTube ads, said that more than 75% of measured audio ads have significantly benefited in brand awareness.

Shutterfly is one client Nikolik used as an example, where it experienced a 14% lift in ad recall and about 2% of up in favorability after testing audio ads.

So, what YouTube audio ads look — or sounds — like? Well, you can think of it as the ads running on a free subscription to Spotify. But knowing YouTube, it may sound more like the ads you hear on FM/AM radios.


On the upside, those who use YouTube for music and podcasts are in for a treat as it’s slated to release dynamic music lineups. They are basically a group of music channels across genres. Still, YouTube created this with ads in mind, as it can easily deliver targeted ads to the brands.

The YouTube ad exec said that the brand could reach more people by combining the power of video and audio ads.

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