When people speak of popular YouTubers who gained their celebrity status, many would think of the likes of T-Series, PewDiePie, etc. But in the Philippines, it has got to be Raffy Tulfo whose channel has a massive 15 million subscribers, vastly outnumbering that of local celebs, and whose revenues to date is estimated at P2 billion pesos.

UPDATE: In a new video, Raffy Tulfo has debunked the ABS-CBN report, saying that his channel is yet to reach the Php1 billion mark.

With that much income, Tulfo is what many would call an already well-off personality. According to a report by ABS-CBN, here’s where this popular figure’s over Php2 billion revenue is spent.

As it appears, Raffy Tulfo is a kindhearted philanthropist whose “large” portion of his income goes into charity, particularly towards the poor. Although he did not specify the means.


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However, Tulfo does not deny that some of his income are used for his personal and family’s needs. Which, to state the contrary, would be “lying,” according to the man himself.

Part also of Raffy Tulfo’s generosity goes to his mother whom he claims to not hesitate on spending money for. But may not necessarily be the case towards his siblings who, themselves, are already quite well-off in life.

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