In a bid to lure more users into getting its subscription plans, YouTube is testing the new Premium Lite plan.

As of today, the standard YouTube Premium plan costs Php159 per month, while the student plan is at Php95/mo and a family plan with 5 members costs Php239/mo. Now, it’s said that a cheaper YouTube Premium Lite plan is being tested to lure more people in.

The Premium Lite is currently being tested in select parts of Europe. Unlike the standard plans, this only gives you an ad-free viewing experience. No background playback, YouTube Music, or offline downloads.

It’s said that the new plan costs EUR6.99, that’s around Php400 when directly converted to Philippine pesos. However, it should cost the same as the student plan when it arrives in the country as the standard plan in Europe costs EUR11.99 (around Php700).

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YouTube Premium Lite webpage

In its official webpage, it’s said that the YouTube Premium Lite offers ad-free viewing on both YouTube and YouTube Kids on platforms such as mobile, desktops, and TVs.

The official release date of the new YouTube Premium tier is yet to be announced.

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