First Huawei smartphone with 5G to launch next year

Huawei Mate 10

The development of 5G wireless technology is almost finished. Huawei, one of the most aggressive movers in smartphone innovations today, has already come up with a timeframe of when will their 5G-enabled devices will arrive.

Huawei did a presentation on their global analyst summit in Shenzhen, China. And based on one of the slideshows that were pictured from the event, it looks like Huawei is set to announce a 5G-equipped smartphone by the 2nd half of next year.

huawei mate 30 5g smartphone

It will be no surprise that this technology would come first on a flagship device. And since Huawei tends to announce their new Mate series at the fourth quarter of each year — we can expect the Huawei Mate 30 to have the privilege of being their first device to have the latest wireless technology.

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Additionally, the slideshow also shows a pocket WiFi lining on the roadmap. The image shows a Huawei mobile WiFi device planned for a release at the 2nd quarter of 2019.

huawei mate 30 5g smartphone

With this news, we should expect the term “5G” to be present in a lot of mobile devices that will be coming out next year. Just like the sweet-sounding marketing term that we are hearing now such as “dual-cameras” or “19:9 displays”.

Sources: @neiltwitz (Twitter) | Via: Android Authority

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