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KGI security analyst Ming-chi Kuo previously prophesied that Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone X, is set to have a second iteration which will come at a bigger package and will be dubbed, “iPhone X Plus.” Bloomberg recently published a report which seems to corroborate to this claim. 

Although not yet officially confirmed by Apple itself, a concept video arose which depicted a visual image as to how the “upgraded” device should look like. Based on a YouTube video uploaded by the user, ConceptsiPhone, the iPhone X Plus should be significantly larger from the outset than the original iPhone X.

But it was not only the size that had been the highlight of the video as it also showed a few options of colors to which the device will be offered. Of all these colors, the gold variant seems to get the most attention given the rumors which spoke about it previously.

Later in the video, it also showed a new hardware feature for the iPhone which Apple might have been contemplating of incorporating with the newer iPhone designs—the dual-SIM tray. Unknown to many, this alleged change in the hardware aspect will be revolutionary for the iPhone given its impact in affecting the design by allowing more space in it.

The video may not be the most comprehensive showcase of the up and coming iPhone X Plus, but it gives us an early look at what an upgrade to X could be at this point in time.

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