After ages, Senator Bam Aquino has finally scheduled a Senate hearing on Tuesday to address the long-term issue and complaint about the disappearance of prepaid loads or ‘nakaw load’.

In accordance with the filed Senate Resolution 595, Senator Bam Aquino will spearhead his team on science and technology to identify whether the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and other related branches of the government have the capability to handle execution of rules to protect prepaid subscribers.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has previously identified that 97% of the 130 million mobile phone owners are prepaid subscribers, thus, many are affected of this particular concern.

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“Huwag natin hayaang manakawan ng pera ang ating mga kababayan. We cannot ignore these consumer reports of the disappearance of prepaid mobile credits, including mischarges, hidden charges and errors in opt out mechanisms,” Aquino said.

“Let’s check and ensure that our government agencies and regulators are equipped with the systems, equipment and technical capacity to determine the compliance of telcos,” he added.

With this call, not only DICT and NCT are expected to attend the hearing, but also consumer groups, IT advocacy groups, and telco companies.


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  1. there’s no such this as “nakaw load” especially when you leave your cellular data on, of course that eats up your regular load like crazy for like php5 per 15 minutes and consumers also need to consider that their prepaid load has expiration geez bum aquino in the house again

    1. Hi, Jed! The term also refers to the old school random subscription services (like caller ID music, etc).

      But you’re also correct kasi lot of people think that nanakaw yung load nila when they just forgot to turn off their mobile data.