LG G Flex Leak

And the rumor mill keeps spinning! To be fair, this phone has been rumored and, most importantly, hinted at by LG themselves long before Samsung’s Galaxy Round was even announced.

Folks at Engadget came across renders of the device and their source says that it will be available next month. Unfortunately, no pricing and specs are given aside from the 6-inch display, so we’re left to speculate until we get official word. According to the leak, it will be launched next month.

LG G Flex press image

Looking at the renders above, the LG G Flex’s screen is also curved. But unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Round, it curves horizontally, following the natural contour of the face when being used for calls. While it seems more natural than the Round, I’m guessing it’s more hellish putting it in you pants’ pocket.

While LG formerly acknowledged that “bendable and unbreakable” screens are in the works, I doubt that this is it. Then again, they also recently revealed some novel bendable batteries, including cables/wires that can hold charge. Like all rumors, this needs to be taken with a healthy dose of iodized salt.

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