Among the three companies under BBK Electronics, only Vivo doesn’t have a fancy proprietary fast-charging technology. But with this new development, it seems like the Vivo NEX’s charger will soon come to more devices.

OnePlus has Dash Charge while OPPO has VOOC. During the launch of the Vivo NEX S last June, it came with a 22.5W charging adapter out of the box.

Based on the 3C certificates, two additional phones will get the ultra-fast charging feature. Vivo is yet to give a cool name to it for now, but they would surely come up with one soon enough.


The two devices we are talking about have the model numbers V1809A and V1809T. Both have been approved to get a V2323-CN power adapter with outputs 10V at 2.25A, 9V at 2A, and 5V at 2A. It’s basically the same charger that bundled with the Vivo NEX S, so we’re quite sure that they could be part of the premium midrange lineup.

Via: GSMArena

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