Mobile network analytics firm OpenSignal revealed that the 5G speeds in Metro Manila are the fourth slowest in eleven Asia Pacific cities in terms of download speeds and second worse in terms of upload.

The Philippines’ capital came in eighth place with an average download speed of 150.7mbps. That’s nothing compared to the first-placer, Seoul, Korea, which averages at 453.1mbps, and Kuala Lumpur, at number two, at 376.6Mbps.


It gets worse in terms of upload speeds. Metro Manila only averages at 14.4mbps, making it the second worse at number 10. Kuala Lumpur took the top spot at 52.8mbps, followed by Seoul at 40.6mbps.

In terms of 5G experience in real-time online gaming, Metro Manila ranked worse with a score of 66.6. To give you a perspective, the category is led by Seoul, which got a score of 87.2.


Video streaming is topped by Taipei with a score of 81.3, while Metro Manila is at number eight at 71.

On the upside, the Philippines has the second highest uplift over 4G. It is said that the 5G download speeds in Metro Manila are 7.3 times faster compared to 4G. The country is just next to Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, Metro Manila is at the seventh spot in terms of 5G availability.



OpenSignal notes that the rankings could change over time due to different factors: 5G deployment, traffic, and more.

Source: OpenSignal

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