PLDT Incorporated and Smart Communications have acquired Amdocs’ outsourcing services for their information technology (IT) operations as they sign a 7-year, $300-million contract last January 24.

According to PLDT, some of the tasks to be outsourced are customer services management, billing, subscription and even data management.

Along with this huge step, more than 1,000 IT staff will be affected. PLDT and Smart CEO Manny V. Pangilinan assured that affected staffs will be offered opportunities in Amdocs as regular employees.

Through this move, the telco giant targets to mend business processes and service levels through Amdocs’ modernized business IT system that would result in “operational expenditure savings during the term of engagement.”

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“This milestone engagement will help boost our growth, and position us to take the lead in the next wave of digital innovation brought by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation technologies. It is a partnership in real terms,” Pangilinan said.

The company’s deal with Amdocs involves digital aptitudes for focused sales operations backing it up with digital customer experience across multiple channels.

As stated by Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs, “Our digital solutions and services will enable them to further enhance customer experiences across their brands for Home, Wireless and Enterprise services; while improving overall efficiencies to quickly innovate and launch new services to grow their data business.”

Last month, PLDT has also announced its Php1.4 billion partnership with Huawei to help and assist them with their wireless upgrade.

Source: PLDT

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