PLDT partners with Huawei for a Php1.4 billion wireless platform upgrade

PLDT and Huawei

It looks like PLDT is keeping their promise in finally upgrading their services.

Back in December of 2017, PLDT said that they are allotting a large investment amounting to Php50 billion to improve their products and services. This was done in preparation for the upcoming third telco player which is expected to arrive soon.

And a fraction of that total costs — around Php1.4 billion (USD28.5 million) to be exact — will be awarded to Huawei, one of the leading information and communications technology company in the world.

With this deal, Huawei will help PLDT Group’s wireless sector to be more “agile, efficient, and resilient in developing a growing array of digital services.” Under the company’s wireless services arm are PLDT itself, together with Smart, Sun, and TNT.

During the course of the 15-month contract, Huawei will improve and streamline the business processes of PLDT’s different brands by consolidating similar applications into a unified platform.

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These processes include Smart’s online charging platforms and electronic loading for prepaid users. Huawei will use their OCS (online charging system) and eLoad Solutions, which are already used by 190 telco companies across 107 countries.

As a result, consumers can expect more personalized promo offers, bundles, and rewards that would fit their needs.

Clearly, this development is just a start. PLDT still has billions of pesos to blow to ensure that they are standing at a solid ground when the third telco comes along.

Source: Inquirer


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