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Apple iPhone X defeats Galaxy Note 8 in OLED screen burn-in test comparison

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Apple definitely took its sweet time in jumping on the OLED train but it seems like the long wait is well justified. While OLED is arguably better, it suffers to issues like screen burn-in which has been the case for most smartphones throughout the years.

Many manufacturers struggled in handling the situation well and the efforts weren’t really that impressive. In Apple’s first try, it actually bested Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and S7 Edge — at least according to this test.

Apple already stated that they did their best to minimize the effect of burn-in in their own implementation of OLED, but it’s good to see it in action.

In a test done by Korean website Cetizen, the three smartphones were configured to display a static image in a 510-hour long marathon. And among the devices, the iPhone X showed the best resistance to burn-in.

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iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 screen burn in test

Initially, the iPhone X was first to show some small signs but it hasn’t grown much throughout the test. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 8 was the worst and it took only 62 hours before it produced clear signs of wear.

According to Apple, consumers shouldn’t display a static image iPhone X for a long to prevent and reduce the chances of getting a screen burn-in. However, with the result of this comparison, it seems like users should not worry too much about it.

Source: Cetizen | Via: Apple Insider

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