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In today’s standards where everything is fast, if not instant, spending several minutes to an hour over one thing is a task not many are willing to give, especially if they can get it faster. While we can generalize that today’s generation is more impatient than the previous, this is becoming a reality which makes us push forward for more efficiency and convenience. 

Put in the context of our devices, gone are the days where we expect to wait an hour or two in charging our phones thanks to the rapid development of technology towards fast charging / quick charging.

The idea is perhaps very much true to iPhone whose premium price also comes with the expectation of getting the best from it. Although it delivers for the most part, it also has its own shortcomings: It may not charge fast enough for the impatient user.

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Here are some logical steps you can do to charge your iPhone faster:

1. Use the iPad’s more powerful adapter instead

A stock iPhone adapter is capable of providing the device with a charging power of 5 watts which is fast enough to outspeed any other charger of lower wattage. However, the iPad’s stock adapter offers more power by being set to give out twice or more wattage as that of the iPhone’s.

For verification purposes, however, it is best that you double-check first whether your iPhone is capable of sustaining a high-wattage load for charging. Otherwise, you would still get the same charging speed as your stock iPhone adapter.

2. Set the device in Airplane Mode while charging

Switching the iPhone to airplane mode significantly limits the device off of certain functionality that may be taking some juice from the device’s battery whether actively in use or not. Turning airplane mode during charging saves the device some needed power to operate normally, thereby facilitating more energy for filling up the battery.

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3. Choose a cooler charging location

Charging your device is a hot or cold place has a way of affecting the quality of its speed. The charging process will be bogged down a bit, which hinders optimal charging. For the ideal temperature, a room temperature within the ranges of 20 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius is best.

4. Optimizing your running apps before charging

When simply turning on airplane mode is not giving your device justice in ensuring “fast enough” charging speed to be optimal, sometimes manually shutting off unwanted apps running in the background does it.

Like certain features that make an iPhone a functional device, these apps — whether idle or actively running — consume energy which significantly sucks up some juice in your device’s battery which the charging process tries to compensate with.

Did we miss anything? If you have any tips to share, let us know in the comments below, so we can add them to our list.

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