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Boost your iPhone’s speaker volume with this simple trick

iphone loudspeaker boost

Like many other smartphones, the iPhone is a stellar piece of engineering that provides many capabilities while being a palm-sized device. For the audiophiles, the smartphones capability to run music is perhaps its greatest feature.

But even for an all-in-one device that is the iPhone is not perfect in itself. Especially when regards to playing music as loud as possible, the device’s built-in speakers may feel “anemic” when compared to other gadgets with augmented capabilities such as one with an in-sync Bluetooth speaker for enhanced audio output.

Of course, the iPhone did not claim itself to be the perfect companion in this regard, particularly in the idea of getting loud. Auxiliary devices such as an external or Bluetooth speaker do still have a role to play in filling this kind of hardware limitations, especially from a tiny gadget like an iPhone.


Unleash the iPhone’s speaker potential

But when you think that your Apple device has already reached its limit after setting it at max volume, there’s a chance that it still has some power left to put out. Believe it or not, there is more in store with your device in terms of the level of audio output that is not given out to users by default. You literally have to tweak your device first a little to bring about its maximum audio output.

You might think that this kind of tweak may require jailbreaking the device so as to unlock this feature but, really, that is unnecessary. This capability is just latent in your device all along, all you will need to do is tap on it as needed.

How to increase volume of iPhone speakers

1. First off, run the native Settings app to initiate the configuration of your device.

2. Navigate your way across the Settings menu by scrolling down to the Music option. Click on it.

How to increase volume of iPhone speakers

3. Once you are already on the Music menu, look for EQ.

4. EQ will provide you a menu which lists an option of presets that will affect how your device plays music. From here, choose Late Night.

5. You will know that you had chosen this particular option as your device’s default configuration when you see a check mark being appended to it.

Voila! Enjoy your louder-than-normal iPhone audio.

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Now, while this configuration will significantly enhance the max volume of your handset, the change is not necessarily easily perceivable by the common person, unless you have a very sensitive hearing.

To prove to you, however, that this configuration really does work, we suggest you make the tweak while you are actively playing a music in the background. It is only by then will you recognize an apparent boost to your device’s maximum volume output.

As a caveat, though, this volume enhancement is not as ear-shattering as a large external speaker would be capable of. There is still a hardware limitation at play with a tiny speaker. But if any substantial audio boost would help, there is definitely a boon to be found here in that aspect.

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