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Make your old generation iPhone feel like an iPhone X with this app

Get the iPhone X experience

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Ever felt envious seeing your peers sporting the latest iPhone and you are still stuck in an older generation of the same device? Not only does your iPhone looked not the same, but it also does not feel the same.

But if you are tight on the budget and all you want is to feel the vibe of the latest Apple flagship, why not just imitate the gestures that are unique to it? It’s essentially giving you the same experience of the iPhone X but only looking far different from the outset.


With the Infinity X, you can. As an application with older iPhones in mind, this app brings you certain unique gestures never before seen on the iPhone until X came along.

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From gestures which start from the lock screen or the home screen to a gesture which literally mimics the physical home button in-app, these gestures are truly unique as far as an iOS experience goes.

This may sound like as an application which would only work on a jailbroken device. However, it does not and it works on any regular iPhone with iOS 9 or later.

It is basically a native application for iOS, but you can’t get this app directly from the Apple Store and run it on any non-jailbroken, old-gen iOS device once installed. This means that even a typical non-tech savvy user can manage to have the app installed on their handsets and intuitively navigate through the system and apply it after doing the installation. You can download the app here.


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