OPPO Philippines teamed up with Miss Possibilities Foundation, an advocacy group that does medical missions, workshops, and other programs for the Filipinos with special needs.

In the recently held Miss Possibilities 2017, the foundation crowned Jennica Garcia. She was able to have a degree in Finance Accounting and have a teacher’s license despite having cerebral palsy.

This shows that the use of the “R” word is really inappropriate because as what Jennica was able to prove, people with special needs can compete and should really deserve an equal treatment. All these are the main advocacies of the Miss Possibilities Foundation.

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And to support this good advocacy, OPPO Philippines provided every pageant contestants with their own smartphones. This allows them to stay connected and have the equal opportunity to go out there and explore the vast world of the internet. The provided smartphone was not disclosed, but it could possibly be their new flagship, the OPPO F5.

Miss Possibilities started back in 2015 and is expected to continue in 2018, together with the foundation’s medical missions, workshops and more.

To learn more about Miss Philippines Foundation, give donations, or you just want to volunteer, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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