Vivo is finally settling in on having a real on-screen fingerprint scanner.

The emergence of the all-screen displays has prompted some brands to either relocate the fingerprint scanner at the back or just completely take it out of the picture like what Apple did with the iPhone X.

However, the technology that Vivo settled in is different from the previous plan that they presented earlier this year. Vivo was supposed to be testing the technology that Qualcomm developed. But the problem is, it is said to be noticeably slow.


Thankfully, Synaptics has finally figured out how to make an on-screen fingerprint scanner that works. And as of today, the new technology is already ready for mass-production.

Patrick Moorhead, a tech analyst from Forbes, has also shared his experience with Synaptic’s on-screen fingerprint technology via a pre-production Vivo smartphone. As per Moorhead, the sensor was fast and simple.

2017 has been the year of all-screen displays and facial recognition for the smartphone industry. And with this new report, we can already get a glimpse of what 2018 looks like.

Sources: The Verge, Forbes

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