Last week, we’ve reported that Vivo is rumored to announce an on-screen fingerprint scanner solution at MWC Shanghai. The speculations did come to life, as the Chinese brand officially introduced the Vivo under-display fingerprint scanner.

The Vivo under-display fingerprint scanning technology is based on Qualcomm’s new solution. Instead of the traditional hardware found on other devices, thew new security feature will use ultrasonic technology to scan your fingerprint identity. And since ultrasonic waves doesn’t require direct contact to the subject, the new fingerprint scanner can be embedded and hidden.

With that said, manufacturers like Vivo can now remove the button, and fully utilize the front of the device as a screen. Also, there’s no more weird and hard-to-reach placements like what the Galaxy S8 has.

It’s been reported that both Apple and Samsung were developing the same technology. However, both of them were struggling to get it working.

But with Vivo, not only that they have figured it out, but they were also able to come up with a prototype device. The video above shows the Vivo under-display tech working on their Xplay 6. The handset used to have a thick chin to house the visible fingerprint scanner. But now, the full face of the smartphone is now occupied by the display. The security sensor is now located underneath.

There’s no official word yet about the official pricing and availability yet, but we can expect it to be out soon.

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