As you may know, PUBG  or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has left early access on Steam along with a new map. It has recently released an Xbox One version of the game as well. This move has left PlayStation owners questioning, “When will PUBG come to the PS4?” The answer? Not anytime soon.

Steam Top Sellers
PUBG at top of the Top Seller Chart in Steam. As of 04/01/2018

Since the initial release to the gaming market last March 2017, PUBG has hit the ground running and have shown no signs of slowing down — reaching 3 million concurrent players and over 20 million sales on the PC Version alone. Being the top selling game on Steam surely helps as well. With the introduction to the Xbox One Market, the number of players and sales would surely increase.

According to the CEO of the PUBG Corp, Chang Han Kim, “It’s going to be an exclusive title on Xbox One for some time, we’d like to focus on completing the Xbox One PUBG for now.”, “If we have the opportunity, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.”

PS4 Quality Restrictions might be the issue

Sony US Headquarters
Sony US Headquarters 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy. San Mateo, CA 94404

PlayStation has some strict restrictions when it comes to the quality of games they release. It is possible that the current quality of PUBG will not pass the standard set by Sony. Along with this, PS4 has no Early Access capability; leaving the game being released on the PlayStation platform questionable. Looks like we won’t see PUBG on the PS4 until the Final version of the game is released.

PUBG on Mobile?

Tencent is currently working on a PUBG Game version for mobile devices. Although, the game is currently available in the Chinese market only. Hopefully, they could make the game available worldwide. Mobile gaming is currently on the rise as more and more users are playing games on their mobile devices. Mobile gaming provides the user an entertainment platform whenever, wherever so it’s no surprise that PUBG would like to enter that market as well.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Corporation and Tencent’s China-based Mobile Game

What do you guys think? Would you like to play PUBG on PS4? What other games do you play on Mobile? Let us know down in the comments section.

Source: Polygon

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