Philippine internet service provider Converge ICT announced that it will be providing free speed upgrades for its residential base plan users after it received double-digit gains during the third quarter of the year.

In a filing to regulators this Thursday, Converge ICT said that it will double the speed of its FiberX Plan 1500 to 200Mbps from 100Mbps starting Friday, November 11, 2022.



The FiberX Plan 2500 will also get twice the speeds of up to 600Mbps from 300Mbps. These free speed upgrades will be permanent unless Converge decides it to increase them even further in the future.

What’s more, the telco will also launch two new premium plans. There’s the FiberX Plan 2000 with up to 400Mbps speeds and their fastest one yet, the FiberX Plan 7499, with 1Gbps speeds.

The FiberX Plan 3500 is still here, which offers up to 800Mbps speeds.

Converge FiberX residential base plans 2022

  • Converge FiberX 1500: up to 200Mbps from up to 100Mbps
  • Converge FiberX 2500: up to 600Mbps from up to 300Mbps
  • Converge FiberX 3500: up to 800Mbps
  • Converge FiberX 2000: up to 400Mbps
  • Converge FiberX 7499: up to 1Gbps

According to the company, they were able to offer significant free speed upgrades without any need for “incremental capital expenditures” as their network has been designed with “significant built-in capacity.”

The free speed upgrade seems to be Converge’s special treat to its users after its net income climbed by 11% to Php2.157 billion from July to September compared to Php1.946 billion during the same quarter last year. Their revenue spiked from Php7.050 billion to Php8,427 billion.

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  1. All these billions in income, but their dogshit customer service remains one of the worst ever. Sana yan naman ang pagbigyan pansin next time.