PH internet service provider (ISP) Converge ICT reported that it recently got hit with a security breach, but the company says that there’s currently ‘no evidence’ of customer information being misused.

According to PhilStar, Converge told a subscriber via email that personal information which include full name, birth date, address, mobile number, maiden name of mother, and email in the company’s GoFiber application dashboard were potentially compromised.

The internet service provider confirmed the said breach last March 4, which was immediately reported to the National Privacy Commission (NPC) on the same day of the incident.

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Together with an accredited third-party developer, Converge is working to implement stricter security policies in the system to ensure that only the subscribers themselves have access to their information.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers who were affected by this incident and the concern that this may have caused the public.” — Converge

Converge ICT has not revealed the total number of customers affected by the security breach, but reminded everyone not to provide personal and financial information to anyone that pretends to be connected with the company.

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