Converge ICT, one of the biggest fixed internet providers in the Philippines, has introduced Vision, its latest add-on service.

Clearly, the Converge ICT Vision is the company’s move to further bank on its new and existing customers to bring more services to their homes.


Converge Vision is an optional add-on to your plan that adds an Xperience Box, and Android-based TV box. Plus, up to 82 local and international channels. It gives you access to channels like USA Today News, USA Today Sports, Pocketwatch, and more.

The Converge Vision Xperience Box is rigged with WiFi and Bluetooth. And since it runs on Android, you can download popular streaming apps like Amazon Prime, HBO Go, YouTube, and even Spotify. The remote it comes with has a built-in microphone so you can ask questions/commands to Google Assistant.



To make it possible, the internet service provider teamed up with affiliate cable company Pacific Kabelnet Holding Co. Inc. (PKN).

New subscribers can apply to the Converge website with the standard 24-month lock-in period. Meanwhile, existing FiberX and FiberX Time of Day living in the NCR can upgrade here. You can check the prices below.

Converge ICT Vision plans

  • Converge Vision Php99/month: 65 channels, Xperience Box included
  • Converge Vision Php299/month: 82 channels, Xperience Box included

Users can pay the Php2,000 Xperience Box upon subscription or pay for 24-months for Php150/mo. However, those who will opt for the installment plan will have to relock in for another 24 months after the first two years.

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