Converge ICT Solutions Inc. announced that their parent company is already pilot-testing a satellite communication (SATCOM) on-the-move internet solution with the Philippine Coast Guard, who are using it for mobile vessels that are patrolling the West Philippine Sea.

ComClark Network Technology Corp, Converge’s parent company, apparently made the SATCOM on-the-move service available in the Philippines for the “niche” market that includes marine vessels, the military, and emergency responders.


This technology can provide secure and reliable internet connection on moving vessels like yachts and navy ships, and more. Converge added that it can also be used by fishermen.

“Imagine yung Coast Guard, we have a pilot right there, dinedemo ko na ngayon, pinapagamit ko na sa West Philippine Sea para ang communication nila maging stable, pinainstall ko na…. Mas importante meron tayo. What happens on our patrols kung totally wala?,” said Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy.

The company is using an antenna technology from Kymeta, a US-based company backed by tech magnate Bill Gates.

As per ComClark COO Beneficto Bulatao, while satellite internet is expensive by nature, what they’re offering is a plug-and-play solution so what the user only needs to do is to power the antenna.

He added that since they own the network, the data that are being exchanged are secure.

How does it work? Converge explained that it uses a flat panel antenna for sending and receiving data to/from a satellite communicating with the earth station that’s operated by ComClark.

Uy admitted that, at USD5,000 (~Php276,700) a month, not everyone can afford it. Still, being an archipelago, there’s definitely a demand in the Philippines.

Converge further explained that the flat panel antenna utilizes a Kymeta u8 Hawk, a VSAT that was really made to be mobile. It also works with low-earth orbit (LEO) systems, similar to what Starlink uses.

Via: ABS-CBN News

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