Senator Risa Hontiveros is imploring the Department of Information and Communications Technology to compel DITO Telecommunity to improve its services amid rising complaints about the telecom’s allegedly poor services.

The senator has called out DITO for claiming the competition will improve with its arrival as the third telco. She also questioned what happened to their proclaimed near-Singapore level of Internet speed.

For Hontiveros, it seems DITO has only furthered the burden of the Filipino public. She cited online complaints, especially those amassing on DITO’s social media accounts, that mention problems on signal reception, SIM card issues, and slow Internet speeds.

Hontiveros also said the DICT should forfeit the performance bond worth Php25.7 billion if DITO does not hold up its end of the bargain. DITO has a commitment to deliver a minimum average Internet speed of 27Mbps by July, and 55Mbps within five years.

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