For the month of April 2021, the Philippines managed to rank 80th globally for its average fixed broadband download speed and 84th for mobile, according to Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index for the month of 2021.

Reaching an average of 49.31 Mbps last month, the Philippines has moved up by one place, overtaking Mexico in fixed broadband. When it comes to mobile Internet, the country moved up by two places with 29.12Mbps average download.


The improvement is not as significant as when the PH jumped by 10 places in January 2021, but it’s a welcome improvement nonetheless. The United Arab Emirates and Singapore remain the top countries for mobile and fixed Internet, respectively.

Using last month’s data as comparison, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has noted that the Internet in the Philippines has improved by 6.62% for fixed broadband and 14.51% for mobile. The commission attributes the speed increases to the government’s fast-tracking of cell-tower building permits.

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