The Ookla 2021 Speedtest Global Index reveals that the mobile and fixed broadband speeds in the Philippines have improved last January.

As per Ookla, the average mobile download speed in the Philippines is up to 25.77Mbps last January. That’s a noticeable improvement over the 22.5Mbps last December. That puts the Philippines on the 86th spot, 10 spots higher than December 2020‘s rank of 96. That’s out of 140 countries.


Improvements are also seen in the Philippines’ average fixed broadband download speeds, which was 32.73Mbps last January from the 31.44Mbps of December 2020. Albeit, out of 140 countries, the ranking remains unchanged at 100th place.

As per Ookla, the fastest country with the fastest fixed broadband speed is Singapore, followed by Hong Kong and Thailand.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has the fastest mobile internet speed, with South Korea in second place.

The improvement in the Philippines’ internet situation can be attributed to internet service providers’ (ISP) push to increase and improve its infrastructure.

Previously, PLDT-Smart announced that they had added new 5G base stations to improve fixed and wireless networks. They are also investing billions of pesos in improving their services.

The competition sparked by players like DITO Telecommunity and Converge ICT has also pushed the entire industry to improve their services.

Source: Ookla

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