FPV drone flying has been a thing for years. Enthusiasts have to build their own drones specifically for this type of flying. Now, DJI saw potential in this growing market and has finally introduced its own FPV drone.

FPV drones are known for their fast speeds and maneuverability, and that’s something the DJI FPV also offers. This thing has high-performance motors that can reach a max speed of 140 kph. It can even do a 0 to 100kph in just two seconds.


It comes in three flight modes to accommodate both beginners and pros. There’s the N Mode for the novice, S Mode for simplified and hybrid FPV controls, and lastly, the M Mode for the experts. Whichever mode you are on, this FPV drone has Emergency Brake and Hover feature that you can enable anytime.

The DJI FPV also has a unique design for better aerodynamics and arm lights with customizable colors. Plus, it has easily replaceable parts in case you broke some.


FPV drones are known for their goggles-like control. The DJI FPV comes with Goggles V2, an upgrade over the first DJI Goggles from 2017. This new one has a wide 150-degree field-of-view and an apt 120fps HD video transmission. The new O3 technology offers 28ms low latency transmission, with a 10km range, at a 50Mbps bitrate.

The DJI Motion Controller looks a lot like a fighter jet’s control stick for more precision control.


Of course, there are the safety sensors that DJI drones are known for. There are the forward and downward sensors, ToF sensor, and Auxiliary Botton light.

As for the actual camera, the DJI FPV can record 4K@60fps videos up to 120Mbps. RockSteady Stabilization is also present. It then has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS camera sensor with 12-megapixel pixels.

As per DJI, it has a max flight time of about 20 minutes. That’s substantially better than the homemade FPV drones of the past.

The DJI FPV starts at USD739 (around Php35,900). You can get the Combo bundle for USD1,299 (around Php63,000) that comes with the FPV Goggle V2, Remote Controller 2, and other accessories. On the downside, the new DJI Motion Controller is sold separately for USD199 (around Php9,700). Their release details in markets like the Philippines are yet to be known.

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