Thinking of upgrading your entertainment system? Upgrade your TV speakers by getting the new Realme 100W soundbar, which just arrived in the Philippines with an affordable price tag.

The Realme 100W soundbar offers a 2.1 channel surround sound. The bar itself has four full-range speakers on each side with 60W of power, partnered with a separate 40W subwoofer.


It has two all-range speakers and 2 high-frequency tweeters that are 2-inch in size and has 15W of power each. As per Realme, they can increase your TV sound by 200%.

Meanwhile, the subwoofer driver is at 5.25-inches for deeper and richer bass. It has a range of 50Hz to 24,00Hz.


Despite the budget price, the Realme soundbar is complete with connectivity features on the back. Apart from the power, aux, and subwoofer ports, it comes with a USB Type-C port, coax, optical, and even ARC (Audio Return Channel). Physical buttons and a remote control is also included.



As of writing, the Realme 100W soundbar is only available as a freebie on select owners of the also-new Realme Android TVs. It should be available as a standalone purchase soon.

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