Udenna Infrastructure Corp. announced last Wednesday that they signed a Php10 billion deal to construct DITO Telecommunity’s cell towers and fiber-optic network.

Besides Udenna, there are three other partners and a couple of independent tower contractors that will help DITO reach its commercial launch schedule on March 21, 2021.

Udenna Infrastructure and FutureNet and Technology Corp, the general contractors of the third telco, signed a Master Service Agreement (MSA), which outlines the scope of the project, responsibilities, and other details for the building of about 1,500 towers and laying about 1,400 kilometers of fiber optic cables in the course of two years.

In a statement, UIC’s operating officer Jomel Fuentes said that DITO tapped UIC for its local expertise and grassroots infrastructure experience. Plus, the partnership with FutureNet will ensure that they will build on each company’s strengths to ultimately help DITO Telecommunity reach its March 2021 goal.

DITO previously announced that they have already built 859 stations by September 13. Before the year ends, they aim to build at least 2,000 towers, far from its initial target of 1,300.


As you already know by now, Udenna Infrastructure is under Udenna Corp., a company that’s under Dennis Uy, the same business magnate that holds Chelsea Logistics, a member of DITO’s consortium.

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