Netflix just released its Internet Service Provider (ISP) Speed Index.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index essentially shows which internet provider in every country offers the fastest speed when watching shows or movies on the popular streaming service.


That said, in the Philippines, there are three telcos sharing the top spot on the leaderboard as they all get an average speed of 3.2Mbps. These brands are Converge ICT, Globe Telecom, and SKYCable — in alphabetical order.

On number two, we have PLDT at 3.0Mbps and Royal Cable at number three with 2.6Mbps.

Globe Telecom and Converge ICT have been topping the list for months now since January 2021. The latter even dominated the top spot on its own in Netflix’s speed index last February.

Other than its fiber services, Globe Prepaid also has tons of promos that make watching Netflix seamless on mobile devices. There are also Smart Prepaid promos that are specifically offered for streaming media on Netflix and other services.

If you don’t have a Netflix subscription yet and can’t decide which one to get, here’s a comparison for you to check out.

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