Globe Telecom announced that it has deployed an end-to-end network slicing service for 5G, which aims to provide a personalized network experience to users.

Network slicing can help deliver tailored service experiences to customers that are based on the applications in use within the network, said Globe director and head of technology strategy and innovations Gerhard Tan.


With this technology, the operator will have the ability to adjust the bandwidth, network functions, and processing power.

“It can be used for a wide range of applications, from connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices to supporting high-bandwidth activities such as streaming videos and virtual reality,” Globe said.

“With this advancement, Globe is equipped to offer customers a personalized, high-quality, secure, and adaptable network experience. The technology not only allows for the development and delivery of unique services and innovative applications but also accommodates customers’ growing data needs and ensures low-latency services,” the telco added.

The end-to-end technology will allow them to divide a single network into parts that are designed specifically for different applications or user types. They will have their own resources that help guarantee performance even when they use the same physical infrastructure.

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To enable this, Globe has upgraded its network to make network slicing available across all its domains. They also confirmed four dedicated end-to-end slices.

As per Globe, all slices have been “meticulously tested and validated,” and have successfully reached aggregated speeds of 800Mbps with varying slice speeds of up to 200Mbps.

They also tested the new technology for cloud gaming, augmented reality remote assistance, virtual reality lab, video surveillance analytics, video streaming, and robots.

Globe’s 5G network slicing has been rolled out to their corporate customers.

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