Globe continues its aggressive 5G expansion as the service is now available in more countries around the world.

The Globe 5G roaming is now available in 67 countries and territories worldwide. Their 5G footprint is now present in Austria (T-Mobile), Macau (CTM), Malaysia (Digi), US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico (AT&T), Vatican City (Windtre), Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (EE), Rusian (Megafon), and Northern Marianas (Docomo Pacific).


Globe also teamed up with more foreign telco providers like Hi3G in Denmark, Wintre in Italy, SFR in France, Slovak Telekom in Slovakia, T-Mobile in the Netherlands, MEO in Portugal, and Salt in Switzerland.

Those who will use Globe 5G roaming in Egypt, Mexico, the Isle of Man, Sri Lanka, and Romania can also use the service when they’re in the Philippines.

Globe Postpaid subscribers can pre-register their desired roaming promo via the GlobeOne app before their trip. There’s the Roam Surf Longer Stay that offers three to thirty days of validity for as low as Php200/day.

Postpaid Roaming users can also choose to be immediately connected to the internet with an all-day roaming service called Roam Surf 399 just by turning on their mobile data and roaming. It’s a flat rate that renews every 24 hours without having to register for any promo.

Globe Prepaid users can also connect to roaming partners abroad just by enabling their 2G/3G mode even if they don’t have an active promo. Once connected, they can use it to subscribe to the actual Roam Surf promos.

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