Globe challenges ‘barangay resolution’ that prohibits cell site construction


Globe has called out Barangay Plainview in Mandaluyong City for its 2019 resolution that prohibits the construction of cell sites.

In a position paper sent to city councilor Roehl Bacar, Globe cited that its Congress-approved legislative franchise gives it the right and authority to construct cell sites. A resolution from barangay that conflicts with the legislative franchise has, therefore, no effect, according to Globe.

The Barangay Plainview Council passed the resolution in 2019 reportedly out of concern on the supposed health hazards posed by cell sites. However, the Philippine Food and Drug Administration released an official advisory in 2020 to clarify that cell sites are safe.

The paper went on to urge Barangay Plainview to rescind its resolution and allow Globe to continue rolling out essential cell sites so it could be a “partner in providing top-notch telecommunication services in the area.”

In a July 7 statement, Councilor Roehl Bacar said his office will help resolve the issue.

The PH government has taken measures to speed up the process of telco infrastructure development, but it seems like there are still hurdles along the way.

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