Globe has announced the new Gadget Xchange service that will allow their postpaid customers to switch or replace their existing device with a different one with ‘no questions asked.’

Those who will avail of the Globe Gadget Xchange service can have their existing smartphone switched or replaced with an identical or similar model, or different color, brand, or model.



Users can also get a complimentary screen replacement if they ever need it. Users can avail of 2 device switches or replacements and 1 screen repair every 12 months, see the example below.


The Gadget Xchange is available to all Globe Postpaid and Globe Platinum customers as an add-on to their monthly plan. The monthly fee will be based on the price of their chosen device. See prices below:

Device SRPMonthly feeSwitching feeReplacement FeeScreen Repair Fee
Samsung Galaxy Z FlipPhp499Php4,000Php18,000WAIVED
Samsung Galaxy Z FoldPhp499Php4,000Php33,000WAIVED
*Incl. iPhone 13 Pro 1TB, 13 Pro Max 1TB, and 14 Pro Max 1TB

Once you’re paying the monthly fee, and want to switch or replace your device or have the screen replaced, you can file a request to their website.

Bear in mind that you can’t upgrade to a newer generation device or those with higher specs as you’re only allowed to pick devices within the same generation or price range as your existing one.

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Globe also noted that the replacements are going to be “like-new” devices, which could mean that they are refurbished. Also, it will not come with the original packaging and accessories and will only come with a “Not for Resale” packaging.

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