Heavy rainfall and strong winds were known factors in disrupting Globe’s internet service to its customers, a fault often attributed to the traditional above-ground structure.

Learning from this error, Globe in a statement on Tuesday, suggests that the company is already in the works to “typhoon-proof” its network by bringing the communication lines underground. Bringing the word via a virtual briefing is Globe’s Enterprise Group Senior Adviser Don Rae.

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The year 2022 marked Globe’s aggressive network expansion, an endeavor that was earmarked for Php89 billion. Its plans include the establishment of new cell sites, upgrade of sites to 4G/LTE, fast track of the roll out of 5G connectivity and fiber to Filipino households, as well as the improvement of internet coverage and quality.

As of Q1 2022, the company has already allotted Php21 billion in capital expenses for data-related requirements that were essential in accommodating the influx in the demand for digital services and next-level digital experience for a lot of its customers nationwide.

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