Remember O2Jam, one of the most popular computer games almost 20 years ago? The game that a lot of now-adults played when they were in high school, is making a comeback.

We spotted the information from a Twitter page named @O2JAM_Official, which said that the rebirth of the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch next year, 2023. The developer said that the game will feature 4-button modes: 4B, 5B, 6B, and 7B.

The game will be called O2JAM Rebirth S and will feature 80 classic O2JAM songs and 40 originals. The developer also said that they will support the game with DLC (downloadable content) with a mix of original and classic music.

When asked if a PC version is also coming, the developers said that they are only a small team and it will depend on the game’s performance on the Switch if they will port the game to PC.

The developers did assure the fans that, even though it will be a port from the Switch, the PC version will have dedicated keyboard charts.

For a quick history lesson, O2Jam is a rhythm-matching game that was created by O2Media of South Korea. The game first came out in June 2003 for Windows PC.

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