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Last Easter Sunday was a very momentous event for the whole Smart family. It wasn’t like any other because the most reliable network in the country, Smart, made it possible to share moments and events with your loved ones when you cannot be present.

With the innovative tech and social media platforms, a like, comment or even video calls were made easier by Smart, through Smart. Regardless of the distance or situations, Smart will always bring you closer to your family.

The rolling out of Smart’s nationwide network modernization program has started, faster internet connection and wider network coverage not only in Metro Manila, but in Davao, CDO, Cebu and other places all over the country are now made available. These network improvements aim to provide the network subscribers a service unlike any other, showing why 2017 is the year where Smart shows the power of their service like never before.

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The roll out, one of the company’s biggest campaign this year, will be of great service not just to the network subscribers but to the whole Filipino nation. Reaching out to their families abroad, or even just friends that lives a couple of blocks away from home, will be made easier. No text messages will be late, no missed phone calls, no more “no service” warnings will ever happen to Smart subscribers.

This is just the beginning of a many beautiful and exciting things that Smart will be offering this year and the years to come. For more details, you can follow the hashtag #LikeNeverBefore on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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