You got your brand new DITO SIM, a couple of days/weeks later, the free data, calls, and text allocation it came it have already run out. Now, you might be wondering where can you reload your DITO number. Here’s the answer.

There are a couple of ways that you can reload your DITO prepaid SIM. Most of the methods we’re showing you today are done through online transactions for convenience. However, we’ve also included some over-the-counter options if you want to reload physically.


That said, here are the ways you can top-up your DITO SIM, how to do it, and where to do it.

Where can I buy load for DITO SIM?


  • DITO App
  • MyDITO
  • GCash
  • Coins.ph
  • GrabPay
  • Shopee Pay
  • Lazada
  • BPI app
  • Landbank Pay
  • Moneygment
  • Bayad
  • Sendah Direct
  • WeChat Pay
  • Alipay

Offline / Physical stores / Kiosks

  • Cliqq app / kiosk
  • TouchPay kiosk
  • Pay&Go kiosk
  • Panalo Express branches
  • Tambunting branches
  • VIP Center branches
  • Brigada branches
  • DA5 stores

Buying DITO load using DITO App

Step 1: Make sure you’ve already set up your DITO mobile app. If you haven’t already, you can follow these steps.

Step 2: Open the app and tap “Buy load”.


Step 3: Pick the load amount.

Step 4: Pick your mode of payment and key in your account details. Options include debit/credit card, GCash, and GrabPay. Once paid, you shall receive a text confirmation that the transaction was successful.

How to buy DITO load using GCash

Step 1: Open the GCash App. Tap “Buy load”.


Step 2: Type in your DITO phone number. Click “Next”.


Step 3: Pick the amount/promo you want to load. Click “Next”.


Step 4: Verify that the amount is correct and that you have enough funds in your GCash wallet. Once clear, tap “Pay”. You will receive an SMS notification letting you know that the process was successful.


How to buy DITO load using Coins.ph

Step 1: Open the Coins.ph app and tap “Buy load”.


Step 2: Type your phone number and click “Next”. If you’re asked to “Choose your network provider”, tap “DITO Telecommunity”.


Step 3: You have two options here. The first screen lets you input the exact amount you want to load. Next to it, the “Products” section, lets you choose predefined amounts (Php10, Php20… Php1,000), hopefully, they will add DITO’s prepaid promos here, too.


Step 4: Confirm that the load amount is correct and that you have enough funds on your Coins.ph account. Once clear, simply “Slide to pay”. You shall receive a text confirmation that the transaction was successful.


How to load DITO SIM using GrabPay

Step 1: Open the Grab app and tap “Load”. If you can’t find it, click the “More” button first.


Step 2: Type your mobile number.


Step 3: GrabPay will automatically detect your network brand and show you the available dominations for you. Pick the amount you want to load and tap “Next”.


Step 4: If you haven’t activated your GrabPay wallet, you’d be asked to do so. Simply tap “Activate Now”, key in your details, and you’re done.


Step 5: On the “Review and Pay” page, check if the load amount is correct, if you have enough funds, and if you want to use a promo code. Once clear, tap “Pay” and you’re good. Expect a confirmation text message that the transaction was successful.


Purchase DITO load using Shopee Pay

Step 1: Open the Shopee app and tap “Load, Bills, & Travel”.


Step 2: Tap “Buy Load” then on the select operator page, tap “DITO”.


Step 3: Type your phone number and choose the amount you want to load. The good thing about this method is the periodic flash deals that Shopee offers. At the time of writing, Shopee is holding a sale on the Php100 load where you can get it for only Php90.

The online shopping mall also offers special discounts for those who will purchase load using their payment service.

Once you’re settled with the load amount, click “Checkout”.


Step 4: Check if the amount is correct. You can also input a voucher code if you have one for an extra discount. Under the payment method, you can pick from ShopeePay, credit/debit card, or over-the-country. The payment center/e-wallet and online payment options are not available.

Once clear, tap “Pay Now”. You’d be asked to key in your mode of payment details. Once complete, you shall receive a text successful transaction text confirmation.



How to buy DITO load using Lazada

Step 1: Open the Lazada app or visit the Lazada website. Tap the “Load, Bills, & eCoupon”. Then, tap “Mobile Load”.


Step 2: Type your DITO phone number. The system will automatically detect what SIM you’re using and will immediately show the domination and promos available for you. Take your pick then tap “Buy Now”.


Step 3: Pick your mode of payment, enter a discount voucher if you have one, double-check that the amount is correct, then tap “Place Order” to complete the transaction.


How to pay DITO load using BPI Online app

Step 1: Open the BPI app. Tap the “menu icon” on the top left > “Payments/Load” > “Load Prepaid Phone”.


Step 2: You’d be asked to set up the “Mobile Key” if you haven’t already. Just follow the easy steps and you’re good. Once complete, you should land on the “Load Prepaid Phone” page. If not, repeat step 1.


Step 3: Key in all the details: the BPI account where the transaction will be deducted, mobile network (choose DITO), mobile number, and amount. Click “Next”, type the OTP sent via text message, and you’re done.


Load DITO SIM using Landbank Pay

Step 1: Open the Landbank Pay app and tap “Load”.

Step 2: Click “Regular load”.

Step 3: Choose “DITO”.

Step 4: Pick the load denomination and input your mobile number.

Step 5: Slide to pay. You shall receive a text message letting you know that the transaction was successful.

How to load DITO prepaid using Moneygment app

Step 1: Open the Moneygment app and tap “Load”.

Step 2: Tap DITO > type your mobile number > input the amount.

Step 3: Tap checkout. A message will be sent to you to confirm that the loading process was successful.

Load DITO prepaid SIM using Bayad App

Step 1: Open the Bayad app and tap “Buy Load”.

Step 2: Type your mobile number and load amount.

Step 3: Confirm that all the details are correct. Proceed to checkout and wait for the confirmation message.

Buy DITO load using Sendah Direct

Step 1: Open the Sendah Direct app and tap “Load” in the main menu.

Step 2: Type your DITO mobile number and the load amount.

Step 3: Confirm that the load will be deducted from your prepaid wallet.

Step 4: Type your password and slide to complete the transaction.

Purchase DITO load using WeChat Pay

Step 1: Open the WeChat Pay app. Look for the prepaid load section and tap DITO.

Step 2: Type your mobile number and pick the load amount.

Step 3: Proceed to checkout.


Purchase DITO load using Alipay

Step 1: Open the Alipay app and look for the prepaid load section.

Step 2: Key in your mobile number and type the load amount.

Step 3: Once confirmed, proceed to checkout.

How to buy DITO prepaid load using Cliqq app / kiosk

Step 1: Whether you’re using the Cliqq app on your phone or the Cliqq Kiosk on 7-Eleven stores, the steps should be the same. First tap “Buy Load”.

Step 2: In the network provider options, choose “DITO”.

Step 3: Type your mobile number and the load amount.

Step 4: You’d be presented a barcode, which you will present to the 7-Eleven cashier for payment. The said barcode will be printed if you’re in a Cliqq Kiosk, while those using the app can simply present a screenshot.

How to buy DITO prepaid load using TouchPay and Pay&Go

Step 1: Head to your nearest TouchPay kiosk. Then, tap the prepaid load option.

Step 2: Choose DITO > Type your mobile number and load amount.

Step 3: Insert the corresponding amount. Tap “Pay” and claim your receipt.

How to buy DITO load through Tambunting, Panalo Express, VIP Center, Brigada, DA5, and loading stations

These loading options are over-the-counter transactions. These are easier options if you lack the technical know-how. Simply head to any of their nearest branches and ask their representative to load your DITO mobile number.

That’s it. Those are the ways you can load your DITO prepaid SIM. We’ll add more methods once they are announced.

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